Legal Services

Use Cases

  • Identify Hot Spots for Legal Market Growth
    – The global market model helps you develop strategies for your legal firm by identifying high growth markets, geographies and industries. Large and high growth markets will generally experience more investment, M&A, patent activity and litigation, therefore creating more opportunities for legal firms.
  • Deepen Your Market Understanding
    – Our 300+ reports on market segments globally help you understand these markets better including market definitions, key characteristics and trends.
  • Understand the Regulatory Environment
    – Our 50+ in depth ‘Opportunities and Strategies’ reports include regulatory information for the main regions.


  • Market sizing and forecasting of five legal services markets across 60 geographies.
  • Our 200+ page annual report ‘Legal Services Market Global Opportunities and Strategies’ covering trends, opportunities and break downs by specialism in the global legal services market is included within the subscription.
  • Legal market indicators including number of courts, law firms, cases and lawyers.


  • Get Everything In One Place
    – Have all the information and sourcing in one place instead of having to make sense of information picked up from multiple sources that do not make sense together.
  • Always Available
    – 24 hours customer and analyst support who will be available to answer all your questions on the data during your subscription.
  • Real Time Updates
    – Database is consistently updated with new information.
  • Get More For The Same Price
    – Request datasets across markets, geographies and industries and receive them in 72 hours.
  • Industry Accepted Taxonomy
    – Globally accepted taxonomy and industry segmentations based on SIC, NAICs and GICs codes.