• Advise Your Clients
    – The Global Market Model provides you with all the information helping you to develop global and country level strategies for your clients’ businesses effectively. – Understand market growth and competition to better advise your client against market risks and expansion.
  • Starting Point Research
    – Use the Global Market Model as the starting point for all your research studies to understand the industries and market segments your client operates in.
  • Create Marketing Material
    – Our comprehensive coverage helps you cover a wide range of industries in-depth. Use the Global Market Model to source data across the globe and demonstrate thought leadership through innovative comparison and analysis through our datasets.
  • Enrich Your Internal Knowledge Repository
    – The Global Market Model will help you add deep and consistent coverage across industries, geographies and market segments to your internal knowledge repository that can be used in offices worldwide.
  • Associate And Intern Training
    – The Global Market Model helps you train associates and interns on the all markets before they start working on client projects.
  • Industry Accepted Taxonomy
    – The Global Market Model provides worldwide accepted taxonomy and industry segmentations.
  • Don’t Restrict Yourself To Buying Pieces Of Information
    - The Global Market Model provides access to all the detailed reports in a single place.
  • Get More In The Same Price
    - Request datasets across markets, geographies and industries and receive them in 72 hours.
  • Get Everything In One Place
    – The Global Market Model provides access to all the information and sourcing in one place.
  • Always Available
    – Providing 24 hours customer and analyst support to answer all your questions on the data during your subscription.
  • Uploading Data Consistently
    – The Global Market Model gives access to the latest information and update its databases consistently.